OptaSafe PDS

“Improve safety, reduce costs…”

Pedestrian Detection System

OptaSafe PDS: See / Detect / Protect to work safety

Safety at work is a constant issue. Solutions exist to limit risks, which is why IMPCO Technologies supports you in these efforts. The OptaSafe product range is a way to limit accidents while facilitating the work of your employees. Our cameras can be quickly installed on many vehicles such as forklifts, airport tractors, earth moving equipment….

Why invest in OptaSafe PDS?

This solution is a combination of an on-vehicle camera with “artificial intelligence”. Able to distinguish pedestrians and objects in real time, OptaSafe PDS is one of the most advanced pedestrian safety systems on the market today.

3 detection zones can be defined with a detection range of up to 12 meters and a horizontal viewing angle of 140°, which guarantees optimal visibility and safety.

The configuration can be easily done via a direct wifi monitor on your smartphone. The installation of this system is simple and the possibilities are multiple.
Basically, OptaSafe PDS is the best value for money in the pedestrian detection sector.